Terms & Conditions

“Farbridge” shall mean The Lavant Valley Barn, Cloakrooms, The Meadow Barn, the Breakfast Room, the Kitchens, the Residential Units, the Courtyards and the Car Park.

 “The Event Organiser” shall mean Preston Barns Ltd trading as Farbridge.

 “The Hirer” shall mean the person or persons signing the Booking Form produced by Farbridge or an agent on behalf of Farbridge.

“The Hire Period” shall mean from 9.00am – 11.30pm on the day specified on the Booking Form for The Lavant Valley Barn, Cloakrooms, and The Meadow Barn, and 1.30pm – 10.00am the following morning for the Residential Units and the Breakfast Room. Please note that the earliest time a Civil Ceremony or Reception may commence at Farbridge is 2.00pm (access from 9.00am is for set up purposes).

  1. The Hirer shall not sub-let Farbridge or any part thereof.
  2. The Property of the Hirer or his agents must be delivered on the day of the Hire Period and removed from Farbridge by 10.00 am the following day. Any time before or after these hours must be authorised by the Event Organiser. The Hirer must not presume there is access to Farbridge either side of The Hire Period. Any unauthorised access will be limited and all terms and conditions apply when present at Farbridge at all times.
  3. The Hirer is responsible for all damage to Farbridge and to any property in Farbridge occurring during The Hire Period and during authorised access to Farbridge however caused. All breakages or other damage occurring during authorised access to Farbridge must be reported within 24 hours and paid for to The Event Organiser immediately.(Please note costs for any breakages or damage to items that cannot identically be replaced will include costs for any duplicate or replacement items.) A credit card number is required on the Wedding Detail Form in the event that any damages/breakages are unreported or remain unpaid, but will not be charged without your prior notice.
  4. The Hirer and his agents must seek the permission of The Event Organiser for the positioning and use of any items. This includes items such as gazebos, garden furniture, floral displays, and any form of entertainment.
  5. The Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse access to Farbridge and to any agents of The Hirer.
  6. The Event Organiser accepts no responsibility for any property belonging to The Hirer, his guests or his agents at Farbridge at any time.
  7. The Hirer is responsible for informing The Event Organiser of all his agents involved no later than two weeks before The Hire Period.
  8. The Hirer must ensure that all entertainment booked for The Hire Period, with emphasis on Bands and DJs, are in possession of a Public Liability Insurance document and the equipment used for The Hire Period is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT). The Event Organiser reserves the right to request a copy of this documentation at any time and will refuse permission to any agents who do not have Public Liability Insurance and whose equipment is not Portable Appliance Tested.
  9. The Event Organiser will allow no more than six musicians in a band to play within The Hire Period (unless by prior arrangement) and instructions given by the Event Organiser must be adhered to. All amplified music must be located in the Meadow Barn. Amplified music is not allowed in the Lavant Barn.
  10. All music must cease by 11.30 pm.
  11. The Hirer must use Farbridge’s in-house caterer, Cuckoo as detailed on the Venue & Facilities tab of The Hirer may not supply any food themselves unless by prior agreement with the Event Organiser.
  12. The Event Organiser is not responsible for any agents contracted by The Hirer.
  13.  The Event Organiser shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hiring nor for the loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons using Farbridge during The Hire Period arising from any cause whatsoever, or for any loss due to the breakdown of machinery failure, of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, Government restriction, or Act of God which may cause Farbridge to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.
  14. The Hirer shall be responsible for good order being kept at Farbridge during The Hire Period. The Event Organiser reserves the right to end The Hire Period at any time due to good order not being kept. The Event Organiser may, at their discretion, charge The Hirer for any extra expense it may incur for engaging police to preserve good order to, during or after any event at Farbridge.
  15. The hirer may provide their own alcohol – Farbridge does not charge corkage.
  16. The Event Organiser reserves the right of entry, or to ask any persons to leave Farbridge who are not keeping good order or who are under the influence, in the opinion of The Event Organiser, of excessive alcohol consumption at any time during The Hire Period.
  17.  Guests at Farbridge aged 16 and 17 are only allowed to drink beer, wine or cider with a table meal provided that an adult purchases the drink. An adult must accompany the 16 or 17 year old(s) at the table. A “Provision of Alcohol Policy” notice will be prominently displayed where alcohol is served and any incidents such as refusal to serve will be recorded in the incidents and refusal book.
  18. All alcoholic drink must cease to be served at 11.30pm on the day of The Hire Period and the Barns must be vacated by midnight. Guests should book taxis in advance to collect at 11.45pm.  There is very limited mobile phone reception at Farbridge (except for Vodafone which does work) and taxi companies can often be unavailable at the last minute.
  19. The Event Organiser will refuse to serve alcohol to any persons under the age of sixteen. Any persons who are deemed to look under the age of eighteen, in the opinion of The Event Organiser, and do not carry picture ID will also be refused alcohol.
  20. The Hirer is responsible for informing guests under the age of sixteen and their guardians that they will not be served alcohol at any time at Farbridge.
  21. The Hirer is responsible for informing guests under the age of twenty one that picture ID may be asked for at Farbridge for alcohol to be consumed.
  22. No more than 10 children under the age of 16 may attend any event at Farbridge at one time unless by prior arrangement with the management. If guests include ten or more children under the age of ten years, The Event Organiser strongly recommends that a crèche facility is in operation for the whole period the children are present at Farbridge. Any damage caused by children will be billed to the hirer.
  23. Access to surrounding areas other than public footpaths is strictly forbidden. The surrounding area is a working farm and there is a river running close to Farbridge. The Hirer is responsible for informing guests with young children to take appropriate precautions and the Event Organiser is not responsible for the safety of children on site (see 22 above).
  24. The minimum adult guest numbers catered for at Farbridge is 60. The maximum number of guests allowed at Farbridge at any time is 200 persons. Farbridge has a seating capacity of 150, unless prior authorisation is given by The Event Organiser.
  25. All catering prices are based on a minimum of 60 adult guests eating the full menu. If numbers fall below 60 adults, then you will be charged the current minimum menu rate of £59.00 per person on the short fall.
  26. If adult guest’s numbers fall below 60 then a surcharge will be added to the final catering invoice, equaling the same costs as 60 adult guests.
  27. A pay bar is provided and operated by Farbridge at no extra cost – a minimum spend of £500 is required to be met.
  28. All cars must park in the designated areas. Cars may only be allowed to stay overnight with prior permission of The Event Organiser. Cars allowed to stay overnight must park in the area stated by The Event Organiser and collected by 11.00 am the next day.
  29. All cars are left at the owner’s risk. The Event Organiser accepts no responsibility for cars parked at Farbridge or its surrounding area.
  30. The Hirer is responsible for the arrival and departure of all guests in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  31. The Hirer shall leave Farbridge in a clean and orderly state at the end of The Hire Period with all rubbish, flowers and foliage, candles and candleholders, decorations and bottles removed. The Event Organiser may, at their discretion, charge The Hirer for any excessive cleaning required at Farbridge or for the disposal of any rubbish or decorations not removed from the barn by 8am on the morning following the event.
  32. All tables, chairs and furniture inside the buildings of Farbridge are not for outside use.
  33. Confetti is only permitted in the ceremony room and is not allowed to be thrown anywhere else in the venue or surrounding areas.
  34. Fire pits, helium balloons, chinese fire lanterns and hay/straw bales and glitter are NOT permitted at Farbridge.
  35. The hirer must provide their own ladder if required for hanging decorations and lights from beams at Farbridge.
  36. No nails, pins, sellotape or glue are permitted to be used anywhere at Farbridge.
  37. No direction signs, balloons etc are permitted on routes leading to Farbridge.
  38. No naked flames may be used at Farbridge apart from candles on the tables where appropriate fire precautions have been made. All lighting of Candles must be organized by your Caterers only, at all times.
  39. No animals are permitted at Farbridge with the exception of Guide Dogs.
  40. There is strictly no smoking allowed inside any of the buildings comprising Farbridge – this includes all bedrooms which are fitted with smoke alarms.
  41. The Hirer or a responsible person appointed by The Hirer must remain at Farbridge until the last non-resident guest has departed.
  42. The Hirer is responsible for informing agents and guests of these Terms and Conditions.
  43. The Hirer pays a non-refundable 50% of the venue hire, payable in 2 instalments, being 25% on booking and 25% no later than 1 year prior to the event date. The remainder 50%, including any surcharges, to be paid no later than three calendar months before The Hire Period. A Payment Plan option is available on request.
  44.  Any charges incurred during The Hire Period must be paid no later than four weeks after The Hire Period. This includes any damages/breakages.
  45.  The Event Organiser strongly recommends the Hirer to take out event insurance, including Public Liability cover if preferred, to cover the Hirer in the event of cancellation due to circumstances beyond their control.
  46. In the event of a fire, guests should leave the buildings by the nearest fire exit and gather in the main Car Park. The Hirer or their nominated Responsible Person is responsible for accounting for all guests once they have vacated the buildings.

This list is not exhaustive and may change at any time without notice.
November 2017