The ideas that inspire. The advice that reassures. The support that counts. Our team is here for you, from your first visit to the closing minutes of your big day. Bringing their experience and enthusiasm, going at your pace, making sure everything goes beautifully to plan.

Nickie Dixon

Director & Event Manager

Nickie has managed over 500 weddings in her career. Coming to Farbridge in 2014, she and her husband Simon have relished the freedom it brings to make every event unique. She's passionate about getting the details just right, seeing the barns transformed, making sure everything runs exactly to plan. Any free time she has is spent with her family.

Simon Dixon

Director & Head Chef

Simon has more than 20 years' experience in the kitchen. A New Zealander, his travels have widened his culinary repertoire, and he brings all this skill and enthusiasm to Farbridge. He loves creating menus with couples, growing his own ingredients, and making bread, ice cream and cordials from scratch. He's also a keen snowboarder, when he has the chance.

Vanessa de Lande Long

Office & Event Manager

Before joining Farbridge in 2016, Vanessa managed events at St Paul's Cathedral, then at Kensington Palace. After organising a few weddings there, she realised how much she enjoyed the personal aspect of the occasion. She especially loves seeing the couple's vision come together on the day. She's a creative at heart, recently taking courses in flower arranging and calligraphy.

Florence Green

Event Manager

Florence originally joined Farbridge as our office manager, but she quickly showed a passion and skill for managing events and can turn her hand to all aspects of the job. She especially likes autumn ceremonies, with its golden light and rustic colours. When she's not working, she enjoys cooking and eating out.

Lauren Painter

Event Manager

Lauren has organised weddings since graduating and is still in touch with many couples she's worked with. Her favourite moment is seeing everyone hit the dance floor, knowing she's done a good job. A recent highlight, as a keen baker, was sampling a banana wedding cake iced with salted caramel and peanut butter.


Want to be part of a dynamic, friendly team working together to make every event a memorable one? We're a growing business, thriving on ideas and delivering them with skill and enthusiasm. Whatever your craft, from serving to planning to cooking, if you're driven by the same approach, get in touch.

Portrait photography by Neil Walker Photography and Photography by Vicki